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Amplificateurs Karan: Reference Absolue

Depuis la réorganisation des circuits de distribution de Karan Acoustics, nous assistons à la renaissance de la marque dans beaucoup de pays Européens (Karan a décidé d’accorder la garantie exclusivement dans le pays de résidence de l’acheteur, via ses importateurs agrées par pays).
Karan envisage même de refaire des salons HIFI sur l’Europe, on peut déjà remarquer que Karan renforce sa présence sur les show internationaux (le Dernier à Kulua Lumpur en Malaisie en Juillet 2014).

Karan fait partie des rares amplificateurs à transistors qui apportent une richesse harmonique sans faille, combinée à un niveau de réalisme stupéfiant, avec une grande fermeté y compris dans la gestion du registre infra grave.
Ce qui fait que les plus grandes marques d’enceintes comme Wilson Audio, B&W, Focal, Magico… s’accordent toutes parfaitement bien avec la marque Karan Acoustics, suffisamment rare pour le souligner !
Chez HIFI LINK, nous considérons Karan comme une référence absolue dans la gamme des amplificateurs à transistors.

Nous vous rapportons un échantillon des avis d’utilisateurs à propos de Karan sur les forums étrangers (nous n’accordons que très peu de crédit aux forums latins).

Juin 2014 sur Whatsbestforum:

I lived with KA S450 between 2003 and 2010 and now I use KA M2000. Some of my friends use KA S180 and KA S650 and all are extremely satisfied. Karan amps »mate« with Avalon, Nola and Reference 3A speakers extremely well. Why I use Karan? Because I haven’t heard any other solid state amp that sounds so smooth, refined and un-solid state but with the authority, speed and slam and tube soundstage dimensionality. Karan amps are very well known and highly regarded in Europe and in the Far East. For the build quality, sound and W/ch they are also fairly priced. Here’s my Karan KA M2000 with Avalon Time.

Mai 2013 sur Extremeplace:

I have heard The Karan KA-S400 driving both the Alto and Diva sometimes ago.  I must agreed that Karan amplifiers matched very well with focal speakers, they drive both focal speakers effortless and have very good control over the speed and rhythm of the piece of music played except that it’s a bit rough in the presentation.


Novembre 2012 sur Extremeplace:

Hi guys,

Had the opportunity to hear the (older versions of) KAM 1200 + Mk2 pre through Adams floorstander speakers, hooked to a Marantz Sa11S2 in Jays shop a few months back.

I’ve on different occasions, heard the same setup (pumped at 12 o’clock) with the KAS400 and KAS180 but with the KAM 1200, the true finesse of Karan amp ie. control, slam & musicality was really at a level of it’s own. In this context, if you ask me if more power is good I say YES.

Octobre 2012 sur Extremeplace:

I had the pleasure of visiting a friend whom i have met in Adelphi (he graciously helped me setup my turntable a few weeks ago) to listened to his Micro Seiki Turntables.
He is also using the big Karan monoblocks with the Karan Preamp with external power supply thru the big Focal Utopia EM speakers. I was amazed with the performance, the drive, details, the black black background and control of his system. I have never heard a turntable based system that sounded this good. It simply put my turntable system (which i thought was awesome) to shame. I must add that the Karan and Focal utopias EM are indeed an excellent combo.
I only did listened to his Micro Seiki Turntable but unfortunately did not get the chance to listen to his Walker Black Diamond 3 turntable!. His friends who were also there on that day, told me that the Walker is playing at another level.
I was also shocked with the number of Hi End Preamps (ARC , CJ ,etc…)and turntables (Micro Seiki, Simon Yorke, Full Spec Linn LP 12, etc….) in his storeroom.

 What hifi: 

The Karan Acoustics KA I180 Mk2 is for those who want an amplifier that simply gets out of the way of the recording. It will give you plenty of insight and communicate the music’s message as effectively as the very best amplifiers around.

Our Verdict:
This unassuming amplifier is one of the finest we’ve heard, with a beautifully balanced presentation that works well with all types of music
A remarkably balanced and discreet presentation
Immaculate build and finish
Lovely to use
If price isn’t an issue, nothing


Mars 2011 sur AudioGon:

Well, I have 300 plus hours on the Karan amp and the sound is one of those sounds that is able to take your breath away.The reviewer of the amp is smack on in Hi Fi+,it has the ablity of tubes in the imaging dept.( the images are able to be warm yet neutral in sound)-I ‘ve never heard such detail as well.The high end is very extended yet is sweet and airy and never gets aggresive( unless the recording is hot-not that I would listen to anything but audiophile cd’s!!).The bass is very taut and doesn’t suffer from too much overhang.The tautness allows instruments to sound so lifelike in the way the energy is created from body of the instrument itself.The amp is able to play extremely loud with no hint of compression or distortion coming from the speaker;in fact the speakers totally dissappear and are no longer needed.The Karan amp has a build quality that is truly first rate and runs very cool even when the Wadia is runnig wide open. I have not heard the Dartzeel, but if the HiFI+ reviewer gives credence then I think I have a very good idea of what he is alluding to in the Karan.If your funds allow for it,then do try to hear one so you can make up your own mind as to when it’s Magic becomes a musical experience.Take care Dennis

Octobre 2006 sur AudioGon:

I have heard the new Karan 1200 monos at HiFi show in London last month, and was mightly impressed. The were paired with Zanden front end, CJ ACT mk II pre and Eidolons Diamonds. I have never heard better sounding diamonds at show conditions !


Karan Acoustics obtient une vraie adhésion des utilisateurs dans leur gamme de préamplificateurs:

Mai 2009 su AudioGon:
The KA Ph2 has recently been upgraded to a mk II status and this is a significant improvement. The upgrade can be done on older models. The soundstage has opened up much more. As with most Karan Acoustic gear, it has a very liquid, tube like quality.

Juillet 2010 sur AudioGon:

I found the Karan provided a much more rewarding musical experience. Improved resolution, tactility excellent soundstage with an overall warmth that’s hard to resist. The Karan also provides a balanced output and more gain than the PH5 which I consider beneficial.

Amazingly there are virtually no reviews on the net so I hope this post encourages others to provide their views on the Karan PH2.

The ARC PH5 is superbly engineered and still a very good phono stage. It provided a HUGE step up over my previous SP11 phono stage. But to my ears the PH5 is a tad veiled and micro dynamics are a bit lacking compared to the Karan PH2 MK2.

It cost me real money to change over to the Karan PH2 but I found the sonic improvement too great to resist.

If you can find one of these phono stages you will find the audition very worth while!

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