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Innuos Zenith Mk III


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Le meilleur serveur musical que nous connaissons et de loin !
Il obtient le prix “Server of the Year”, bien configuré il permet d’atteindre des restitutions d’un naturel et d’une expression jamais encore atteinte.
Nous vous proposons ce serveur configuré par nos soins, compatible Roon, Qobuz et Tidal !
Nouvelle version MK III


Produit en Magasin!

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Innuos Zenith Mk III

Une alimentation très soignée qui offre un silence numérique absolu.
Une parfaite compatibilité avec Roon, Tidal et Qobuz.
Il intègre un rippeur de CD (Slot in de chez Teac)

  • Stockage sur SSD
  • Dual Ethernet Ports pour réseau et lecteur réseau (avec transformateur d’isloation)
  • In-Memory playback with 4GB Cache
  • sortie USB ultra silencieuse.
  • Quad-core Intel CPU 2Ghz, 8GB RAM
  • Chassis anti vibrations
  • Alimentation linéaire avec design ultra silencieuse utilisant des capacités Nichicon MUSE et filtres de grade médicale.

Dimensions:70 x 420 x 320 mm (H x W x D)
Poids: 10Kg
Disponible: silver ou noir

Version 1 To SSD: 3399 euros

Version 2 To SSD: 3899 euros

Version 4 To SSD: 4499 euros

Test de l’Innuos Zenith lors de son arrivée chez Hifi Link:

Les serveurs Innuos obtiennent absolument tous les prix dans la catégories des serveurs musicaux:


“From a sonic perspective, as part of a quality system that’s transparent and highly resolved, a digital transport to stream audio files from makes a difference. Here the Zenith MkII did a terrific job as a career audiophile of purist leanings: tonally neutral, ultra resolved, rhythmically in the pocket and spatially dimensional. At its price, I’m not aware of competitors which objectively would be “more correct” – merely those that do it different if no better. Chapeau time! Where total packaging is concerned (fit’n’finish, ease of use, sheer access speed and sound), the Innuos ties it up with a bow.”


Stereo Magazine

“Just perfect – was Stereo’s verdict
The well-regarded German Hi-Fi magazin Stereo review focuses on the Zenith’s usability while praising its value-for-money. This detailed look on how the operating system and playback apps are structured gives a good introduction on how easy it is to use one of our music servers.”

HiFi Live Magazine

“HiFi Live awarded the Zenith the Best Quality/Price ratio Award
After reviewing the Zenith, HiFi Live – a reference Spanish Hi-Fi blog, concluded that the Zenith is destined to become a true success given its high quality construction standards, its very complete and easy to use interface and its irreprehensible operation. HiFi Live considered the Zenith to be the most complete example of how much digital reproduction has advanced.”

Hifi Clube

Well done, Innuos
The reference Portuguese blog HiFi Clube reviewed the Zenith and considered it to be versatile, stable and user-friendly. From a sound quality perspective JVH found it produced a “juicy” sound with texture, dynamics and harmonic richness.

High Fidelity

It’s solid, pretty job of real aficionados.
My laptop has been adapted to play files, since it features SSD, and one of the latest versions of the JPlay software player installed personally by Martin Ostapowicz, and I had a chance to use it with dozens of different DACs, so I know it well.
The server under review offers better performance, hands down. In terms of reliability, convenience and sound quality.



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