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Karan obtient le award Positive Feedback au salon Axpona 2017

Le Award de chez Positive Feedback vient d’être décroché par Karan Acoustics lors du salon Axpona 2017 de Chicago, prix obtenu avec leurs dernières générations de préampli / ampli: KAL Reference MK3 et KAS 600.


« Excellence in Fine Audio, to the Greater good of all who love it »

Aussi le magasine Part Time Audiophile approuve les Karan Acoustics, nous vous donnons un extrait du compte rendu du reviewer:

« Who doesn’t like magic shows?

To me this is what happened in Chicago during AXPONA …
Grown men would come in, and sit down, listen attentively for several minutes, and then proceed to look around the room with curiosity. They would then get up, walk around the speakers, looking carefully, then turn their attention to the area behind the Critical Mass Systems Olympus equipment rack (North American premier, price TBA), and look up at Wong asking “where’s the subwoofer?”
Don’t many of us as audiophiles want to be fooled into believing a recorded event is being recreated in our presence?
The fact that not only did the Karan Acoustics/Goldmund-fronted system feeding the Serenades sound spectacularly realistic, dynamic, and musical, but that it was so effortlessly, and consistently punching above its weight with its ability to pressurize the room, and that the Penaudios sounded far larger than speakers their size had any right to, only added to the jump factor the gear possessed. »

Effectivement, la musicalité est réellement spectaculaire, le poids dans le grave par une enceinte propulsée par du Karan est absolument sensationnel, une seule écoute des enceintes Verity Audio ou Wilson Audio vous fera comprendre ce que le reviewer indique sur ce compte rendu.
Les Karan sont en écoute permanente dans nos show room.





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