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Wilson Benesch Eminence chez The Absolute Sound

La célèbre revue The Absolute Sound vient de passer en revue le vaisseau amiral de Wilson Benesch, L’Eminence.

Le reviewer Robert Hatley est sous le charme, pour qu’un magazine Américain dise tant de bien d’une enceinte Anglaise, c’est qu’elle ne doit pas être mauvaise !

Les commentaires sont assez incroyables, voici 4 extraits:

 » what puts the Eminence’s dynamic performance in a class of its own is the total and utter coherence of this transient fidelity from the lowest bass to the treble. The Eminence speaks with one voice dynamically, with exactly zero discontinuity along the frequency spectrum. Frankly, the Eminence makes most other speakers sound slow and thick in the bass. »
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Issue #294

« The Eminence’s tweeter is a superb transducer. It produces a treble that is smoother and more liquid than that of most hard domes, lacking the touch of metallic glare that can plague titanium and even beryllium domes. At the same time, the Eminence’s tweeter gives up nothing in resolution and speed. The result is a top end that is richly detailed and alive, yet not etched or over-bearing. »
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Issue #294

« In the ability to convey music’s dynamic expression, rhythmic flow, and timing, the Eminence is simply unequaled. These are important, and often overlooked, qualities of musical realism. Hearing music’s transient nature reproduced accurately is startling, and drives home the fact that all other dynamic loudspeakers act like a dynamic filter between you and the music. Moreover, the way the Eminence resolves pitch, texture, and transient information in the bottom end is nothing short of revelatory. »
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Issue #294

« But it’s not just the transient performance and unparalleled bass resolution that make the Eminence a world class reference. The Eminence’s stunning openness and transparency through the midrange and treble foster a powerful impression of the speaker disappearing – of hearing the music unadulterated by the loudspeakers colourations. The best way of describing the Eminence is that it’s like listening to music through an open window rather than through an electro-mechanical device. »
– Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Issue #294


Hifi Link vous offre le banc d’essai intégral ICI.

Si vous nous pouvez pas vous offrir le vaisseau Amiral (à 154 000 euros) de la marque, il faut absolument pensé à la Act One et la à Résolution, deux enceintes qui offrent des prestation de haute volée !

L’Eminence sera présente au salon de Munich 2019 en Salle E223, Atrium 4.

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