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€ 3,200.00

WEISS DAC D202High End FireWire DAC

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Récompensé par Absolute Sounf et Hifi choice HiFi Review Product Of The Year


DSD Perfect Wave

Frontpanel controls:

•LCD display for display of sampling rate, input source, audio level, absolute phase, upsampling filter type, various menu items

•Rotary encoder with push switch

•IR receiver

•Standby LED

•Headphone Jack socket

Special features:

•Transparency check (allows to check the bit transparency of a playback chain)

•Setting of the coarse output levels (analog domain), separate for the main output and the headphone output

•Dual / single wire selection for 176.4 / 192 kHz sampling rate

•"Insert Mode" allows to loop in a external digital audio device (e.g. a equalizer) via the AES/EBU I/O on the XLR connectors

•Sampling rate setting on the WSYNC I/O connectors in dual wire mode

•Display brightness

Sampling rates: 44.1 up to 192 khz / 24 Bits