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THX Ultra 2 Certified
6 AV Inputs with Composite and S-Video
3 HD Component Video Inputs
4 Coax and 4 Optical Digital inputs
4 Analogue Stereo Inputs
Tape Monitor
7.1 Direct Analogue Input

Dolby Digital EX, ProLogic IIx (movies and music),
DTS ES, DTS 96/24, Neo:6,
THX EX, THX Cinema, THX Music, EARS, Enhanced Stereo, Stereo Bypass

Video upconversion; Composite and S-Video inputs available on Component Video output
HDMI connection - 2 inputs, 1 output
OSD available on Component Video output
OSD chip is completely bypassed when not selected
"Direct" Component Video output without OSD
Lip sync compensation - (option to 100mS)
Flexible Bass Management including individual crossover frequencies for Front, Centre, and Surround speakers
Digital domain tone controls with centre channel "dialogue" control
RS-232 interface for advanced custom installations
12V Triggers for advanced control options, 1 In and 3 Out
3.5mm IR Control jacks, 1 In and 2 Out
Second zone AV output with zone OSD available
Four dual differential 24 bit, 192 kHz DACs
Dynamic Headroom Scaling for optimum resolution and S/N ratio for all program and decoding combinations
Linear Power Supply with custom Toroidal transformer with proprietary shielding to eliminate EMF leakage
Switched AC Outlet
Detachable AC cord
8 Device HTR M Illuminated Learning Remote control with LCD display
ZR 2 Second Zone Remote

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