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Le Lumin P1 est primé « Editor’s Choice » par The Ear

lumin P1 editors choice the ear

Le Lumin P1 est primé « Editor’s Choice » par The Ear

Déjà primé de nombreuses fois, le LUMIN P1 obtient cette fois-ci le « Editor’s Choice » par The Ear.

Ce lecteur réseau, avec DAC et fonction préampli, obtient les meilleurs awards… en voici quelques uns :


« Outstanding Product » par Hi-fi News :

« the P1 delivers a sound able to grab the attention from the off, and hold the listener rapt across long listening sessions. »


« Product of the Year 2022 » et « Applause award » par Stéréonet : 

« Looking for a beautifully styled, solidly built high-end network player that pretty much does everything except drive you home from the pub? Well, consider this, a design that works with everything from your UPnP media server, NAS and USB hard drive, to an Apple TV box – and supports myriad streaming services. It’s not just ‘all show and no go’ though, as the audio engineering is top tier. The result is a clean, detailed and intricate sound that makes the most of every piece of music you play. »


« Référence » par Haute Fidelité : 

« Lumïn P1, through the flawless design of its power supply, its racing dual-mono DAC, its precise clock and its output stages, is capable of remarkably fine dynamics. It’s not a bully that over-forces dynamic momentum, as it sometimes does on high-end digital players; on the contrary, it delivers a flow of subtle sonic intensity, following the gradations of intensity easily, but deploying all the energy when necessary. »


6moons : 

« For those downscaling their hardware count but unwilling to sacrifice sound quality, Lumin’s P1 would seem to be an ideal mix of features and pedigree. »


99/100 « Referenzklasse » par Lite magazin : 

« It doesn’t really matter what you want to do with the Lumin P1, because you always feel well entertained here. »


« Highlight » par FairAudio : 

« The Lumin P1 represents a successful combination of lifestyle design, practical equipment and very high sound quality. »


Hifi.nl : 

« Its classy styling, solid build, ease of use and stability under all conditions will resonate with you long after the installation. »


« Highlight » par Audio.de : 

« HOLOGRAPHIC PERFORMANCE. The spatiality that the Lumin creates is its outstanding feature. The imaginary soundstage was so three-dimensional that one felt as if one could walk around the three-dimensional body of sound »


« Upper Echelon Class » par Mono & Stéréo : 

« There is something about the P1 and Leedh Processing combination that simply works. The speed, the purity, transparency and harmonic density is all there not only non-compromised, but a much better, next level upgrade. »


« Recommended components 2022 » par Stereophile : 

« I very much enjoyed my time with Lumin’s P1. Not only is it a superb-sounding D/A processor, but its transparent-sounding analog inputs and full video functionality are a welcome bonus. »


« Product of the Year 2022 » par The Absolute Sound :

« Some audio components have a kind of ineffable magic that transcends “good sound” and enters the realm of communicating the music in a more powerful and involving way…. the P1 possesses this quality, delivering an experience that is musically authentic and immersive. »


Et il en possède bien d’autres… Sans doute qu’il sera encore primé à l’avenir !

Découvrez le dans notre showroom sans plus attendre, il est en démonstration.

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