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Mola Mola en Banc d’essai chez Hifi News

Le dernier magazine Hifi News du mois d’Aout 2017 vient de passer l’ensemble Mola Mola en test.

Le reviewer met l’accent sur la capacité du duo Mola Mola à driver les enceintes les plus difficiles avec de la finesse que peu de machines en classe D savent restituer.
L’ensemble Mola Mola est en écoute dans notre show room.

Voici l’extrait vous retrouverez le banc d’essai intégral ici.

Class D’s detractors argue that it’s impossible to make the breed sound good, claiming it to be inherently ‘unmusical’.
Yet within seconds of setting ears on the Makua/Kaluga, it’s obvious that this view is just plain wrong.
It’s immediately apparent that this is a superb sounding amplifier with a broad spectrum of abilities – getting on with the job of delivering vast swathes of clean power into whichever loudspeaker you choose.
Tonally smooth and seamless, dynamically and rhythmically expressive, broad and deep in its soundstaging, powerful its bass, open in the midband and sweet in the treble – it simply sounds right, and from this all else follows.
The Makua preamplifier incorporates its own clever technology and is a statement product in its own right. Putzeys has gone to exhaustive lengths to create an exceptionally versatile control amp.
The phono stage was excellent too. It proved exceptionally quiet and well up to the standards you’d expect from an audiophile preamplifier.
To sum up, the Makua preamp/Kaluga amplifier is a brilliant ‘do-itall’ high-end design, highly capable across a broad range of fields, from its ability to track the smallest to widest dynamics, to its prowess at
unpacking the densest of recorded mixes so that you can see – hear – right into the musical picture.
Conclusion :
What’s not to like about animmaculately presented, ultra versatile pre/power amplifier that drives even the toughest speaker
loads imperiously, and has vast reserves of power ?
Not only that, but the Mola-Mola Makua/Kaluga does this with great decorum and finesse, and no small measure of style too. Indeed it’s all such fun that naysayers would never think it a Class D design – proof positive surely that it has come of age.   

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