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TNT audio essai du Métronome Technologie Le Player

Le magazine numérique TNT audio passe en revue le Métronome Technologie Le Player

Nous vous livrons la conclusion de l’auteur: « I enjoyed having the Player at home an awful lot and it’s certainly the best machine I have had in my system. It outclasses my own Naim Cd5i without any issues which is both (very) frustrating now it’s gone back and a relief as the price difference is such that it would be embarrassing if it didn’t.The fit and finish is what you would expect for this sort of money and its inherent musicality combined with a good helping of detail and excellent tone make it definitely one for the shortlist if you are looking to spend this amount of money on a CD player. »

Voici le lien de l’article: http://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/metronome_cd_dac_e.html

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