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Wilson Audio Sabrina toutes les récompenses

Depuis sa sortie la Wilson Audio Sabrina remporte un certain nombre de récompenses.

-Le diapason d’or 2016.

-L’Award Stereophile: Product of the Year 2016.

-Le Golden Ear 2016, sur lequel nous nous étions pas arrêtés lors de son obtention en septembre 2016, voici l’article:

« More than any other Wilson speaker I’ve encountered in recent years, Sabrina seems to generate unequivocal praise from all who listen—critics included—garnering accolades that normally accrue to flagship designs. This is quite an accomplishment for a speaker that represents the smallest and least expensive floorstander in the Wilson line. In my view the plaudits are well deserved. Sabrina continues to make a powerful connection with me. It’s communicative in the way I like my speakers to be, with a commanding and linear top-to-bottom energy. It conveys a ripe almost voluptuous sound that allows the listener to sink into its warm embrace. It’s a Wilson, of course, so it’s animated by remarkable dynamic headroom, low-level resolution, and a sense that it willfully wants to drive music forward rather than let it passively lay back. It also artfully combines low-level cues with the most delicate bass dynamics, a region where most loudspeakers loose grip and control. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sabrina is, pound for pound, the best Wilson Audio loudspeaker available today. »


La Wilson Audio Sabrina est en écoute permanente chez Hifi Link.

Retrouver aussi toutes les actualités depuis sa sortie sur notre rubrique actualités: Lien dédié aux actualités de la Sabrina.

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