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Wilson Audio, un rédacteur de Audiophilia ….

Il est parfois des gens qui n’aiment pas Wilson Audio …. Comme un rédacteur de Audiopilia… Puis parfois on s’arrête dans un showroom où l’installation est soignée…
Tel était le cas au Rocky Mountain Audio Fest en 2012, nous vous livrons un extrait de son compte-rendu de l’écoute de Wilson Audio sur des amplis VTL :

Audiophilia’s Best Sound of Show
Wilson Audio
This was a clear winner. Always full of Wilson Audio admirers, the large room was set up perfectly. The gear was professionally presented by Luke Manley of VTL and Debby Wilson of Wilson Audio. Mr. Wilson attended the show on Friday.

I’ve never been a fan of the Wilson sound world. Tuned very successfully for a specific audiophile demographic (I call it ‘ziss, boom, bah’ — ultra resolved, kaleidoscopic with never ending power), Wilson Audio speakers for my taste looked as cold as they sounded. This sound ‘design’ was modified by Wilson (after a six month world tour of the greatest concert halls) in his smaller Sasha loudspeaker and has continued in spectacular fashion with the new Alexia Loudspeaker ($48K).

It’s a fabulous speaker, especially as heard here accompanied by the wonderful VTL Siegfried mono block amplifiers and a phalanx of digital dCS gear. The Alexia’s retain all that is good in Wilsonland — power and incredible resolution, but they play music so beautifully. Instruments and voices are fleshed out and the timbres are so accurate.

I heard some of Wilson’s personal recordings (by Peter McGrath) and they were very good (but one did remind me that capturing a great soprano on full throttle can be difficult), but the Sony recording of Schubert piano music played by Arcadi Volodos was unbelievably good. Some of the best sounds I’ve heard from a speaker and certainly the best piano tone, both attack and the decay, in my experience. Superb, and on that alone, the magnificent Wilson Audio Alexia’s won the day.

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